Extra Neutral Alcohol

Nedstar is your reliable sourcing partner for extra neutral alcohol. We can supply the highest quality pure alcohol from any geographical region or agricultural origin you like. Discover our excellent service and tailor-made solutions!

What is extra neutral alcohol?

Extra neutral alcohol (ENA) is alcohol without any impurities. It is colourless, and has a neutral smell and taste. It is therefore also known as neutral spirit. Extra neutral alcohol is purified in a process of repeated distillation and typically contains 96% alcohol per volume. It can be made from raw materials such as sugarcane molasses and grains like corn, rye, wheat, barley and rice.

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Extra neutral alcohol uses

Extra neutral alcohol can be used for a broad range of applications. It is widely used in the food and beverage industry as a base for spirits and alcoholic beverages, and as a solvent for colourants and flavours. In addition, pure alcohol is processed in cosmetics, pharmaceutical and medical products. It is, for instance, commonly utilised as a solvent for colourants and is the main ingredient in hand sanitisers.

Neutral spirit delivered the way you want it

Nedstar is specialised in bulk alcohol. Our broad network of extra neutral alcohol suppliers, producers and transporters allows us to supply the highest quality neutral spirit from any geographic location or agricultural origin and deliver it to your doorstep. Our extra neutral alcohol can be packaged in sturdy and reliable drums, IBC or ISO tanks, or tank trucks. Tell us the type of neutral spirit you are looking for and our specialised team of buying and logistics specialists will find the perfect solution for you!


Our extra neutral alcohol is always REACH and ECHA Art. 95 certified. In addition, the product can also be certified as Kosher, Cosmos-approved or GMO-free.

More about certifications

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Not all alcohol is used to produce food or drinks. If you do not use raw alcohol to produce food or drinks, we can denature it for you. In that case, the product will be exempt from excise duty. You can choose from the following denaturing agents:

  • DEP
  • MEK
  • Bitrex
  • TSDA 1-9
  • TBA
  • IPA
  • Euro Denatured
  • Tipo A-D

Choose your own combination of denaturants to create the customised neutral alcohol you need or contact us to discuss the various options.

More about denaturants


Nedstar IBC new 2022


We offer sturdily-built and durable 1000L Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs), which are large containers used for the storage and transportation of fluids and materials in bulk quantity.

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ISO tank

ISO Tanks are ideal when transporting hazardous and non-hazardous fluids in large quantities, guaranteeing safety and efficiency for your shipment.

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We can supply the product directly to your door by transport with a tank truck, typically containing around 30,000 liters.

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