Methyl ethyl ketone (MEK)

MEK, short for methyl ethyl ketone, is a versatile and widely used chemical compound. One of its primary applications is as an alcohol denaturant, which means it is used to render ethanol undrinkable for industrial and commercial purposes. The addition of MEK to ethanol creates denatured alcohol, which prevents the misuse of ethanol for recreational purposes and avoids the imposition of high taxes on pure ethanol.

MEK in ethanol products

MEK's role as an alcohol denaturant is crucial in industries where ethanol needs to be used in non-food-related products. One of its most common uses is in cleaning products, where denatured alcohol serves as an effective solvent for grease, oils, and other contaminants. Another application of denatured alcohol with MEK is as a solvent in the paint and coating industry. It aids in dissolving various resins and helps with paint formulation and application.

MEK beyond denatured alcohol

Next to denaturing ethanol, MEK is involved in the synthesis of methyl ethyl ketone peroxide, which is an essential component in chemical processes like curing polyester resins, initiating polymerization, and acting as a cross-linking agent in various applications.

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