Are you familiar with denatured alcohol? How about Bitrex? Denatured alcohol, also referred to as alcohol denat, is ethyl alcohol (ethanol) that has been treated with additives such as Bitrex to make it unsuitable for consumption. The primary purpose of denaturing ethanol is to avoid taxes levied on alcoholic beverages, as well as to regulate its use in various industries and applications. Bitrex is one of three denaturants commonly used in completely denatured, also called Euro denatured, alcohol.

Bitrex - the bittering agent

Bitrex, scientifically known as denatonium benzoate, is a very bitter substance. This intensely bitter compound is added to denatured alcohol to act as a powerful deterrent against human consumption. By incorporating Bitrex into denatured alcohol, manufacturers ensure that it remains unpalatable and prevents accidental ingestion or misuse.

Versatility of alcohol denatured with Bitrex

Alcohol denatured with Bitrex finds application across diverse industries, making it an indispensable substance for several purposes:

Cleaning solutions

Denatured alcohol serves as an effective solvent in various cleaning products, including glass cleaners, surface disinfectants, and degreasers.

Personal care products

Found in items like deodorants, hair sprays, and perfumes, denatured alcohol helps to ensure proper formulation and performance.

Pharmaceutical uses

Certain medicinal formulations and drug processing procedures incorporate denatured alcohol.

Laboratory applications

Denatured alcohol is commonly used in laboratories as a solvent and for cleaning purposes.

Hand sanitizers

Denatured alcohol, when used in hand sanitisers, provides effective germ-killing properties.

Sunscreen and skin care products

Denatured alcohol is used to aid in the proper application and absorption of skincare and sunscreen products.

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