Skal Biocontrol functions as an independent body overseeing the complete organic chain in the Netherlands. Operating as an independent administrative entity, it ensures that organic activities align with EU regulations, the Dutch Agricultural Quality Act, and Skal Biocontrol's internal regulations.

Through surveillance, certification, and information dissemination, Skal is dedicated to delivering reliably organic products to consumers. The organisation conducts annual inspections of companies involved in the organic chain to verify compliance with established standards.

Certification process for companies engaged in organic activities

Skal Biocontrol certifies companies participating in organic endeavours, covering production, processing, and trading of organic goods. The certification process involves several stages:

1. Registration and assessment

Companies seeking organic certification undergo a registration process and an initial assessment.

2. Notified biological activities

The company registers the biological activities pertinent to organic production.

3. Transition period

Agricultural and horticultural companies undergo a specified transition period.

4. Official certification

Successfully completing the process enables the company to receive an organic certificate, allowing the use of the organic quality mark. This mark indicates adherence to relevant EU legislation and regulations.

SKAL Compliance

Skal Biocontrol plays a crucial role in ensuring the authenticity and compliance of organic products within the European Union, and its certification is recognized in the organic market. Nedstar can provide SKAL certification for your agricultural products.

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