Nedstar's commitment to unrivaled Quality Standards

Product Quality is one of Nedstar’s most important pillars: Since our ethanol and alcohol is used in products and industries all over the world, we make sure to not only comply with all quality standards and certifications but excel at them. Buying ethanol from Nedstar means rigorous quality controls and a thorough process upholding Quality Standards – organisational and product-wise. That is our promise to you.

How Nedstar guarantees high product quality

As a supplier and distributor of ethanol and bulk spirits for both food and non-food use, our Quality Management team ensures that our vendors meet the highest quality benchmarks and adhere to the necessary quality certifications (such as ISO 22000, ISO 9001, BRC, FSSC 22000, etc.) during the initial onboarding process. We conduct annual evaluations of all our suppliers, covering products and services, against the key criteria established by our internal standards and those of our certifying agencies. Additionally, we aid our clients with any quality-related issues that may emerge.

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Test product from new partner producers

Before starting to collaborate with new ethanol producers, we make sure to thoroughly test the product before offering it to our clients. Next to denatured alcohol, Nedstar also collaborates with organic producers globally. Our organic product is tested and certified according to European and US standards, guaranteeing the highest quality at the lowest cost for the planet.

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Yearly product and distribution check-ins

All our products and operations comply with the ISO22000 and ISO9001 standard, as well as other standards enforced in economic regions such as the European Union. Nonetheless, we carry out regular checks to facilitate that our product fulfils all our quality standards before reaching our clients’ destination to discover possible quality risks and preventing them from impacting our operations and product.

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Quality support of clients

Want to be convinced by our product without commitment? Ask your Nedstar commercial manager to send you one of our product samples to see our quality for yourself! With every bulk order, our Commercial and Quality team is always at our clients’ disposal to enquire about quality questions and take care of quality concerns as soon as possible.

"Quality spans more than just our products: ethical business practices and sound internal processes are at the heart of Nedstar.”

- Fotis Papadopoulos, Quality Manager

An organisation-wide quality promise

Nedstar's team of commercial and logistics professionals, along with others engaged in the procurement and sale of ethanol, undergo frequent training to adhere to and implement Nedstar's Quality Standards. We have widely adopted relevant Quality Documents and training sessions, including the Approval of New Suppliers and Control Measures for the Handling of Ethanol, to ensure a standardized approach to work. Through consistent feedback mechanisms, Nedstar promptly addresses quality concerns, minimizing the risk of contamination and its potential spread.

Quality certifications

Our products and operations are guided by worldwide applicable quality standards such as ISO and ECHA/REACH. We are regularly in touch with regulatory institutions to renew and apply for new certifications such as organic ones. For a list of all of our current certifications, please consult our certifications page.

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