EU organic

The EU Organic Certificate stands as a testament to the commitment of agricultural and industrial entities toward sustainable, environmentally friendly practices. This certification is a mark of distinction granted to products that adhere to strict European Union regulations governing organic production and processing.

Why does the EU Organic Certificate matter in the ethanol market?

Rising demand for sustainable alternatives

As environmental concerns escalate, consumers and industries seek sustainable energy sources. Organic ethanol, derived from organic crops, is increasingly recognized as a cleaner alternative to traditional fuels.

Meeting regulatory standards

With the EU's ambitious climate goals, the demand for sustainable energy solutions is on the rise. The EU Organic Certificate ensures that ethanol producers align with these stringent standards.

Consumer preference for ethical choices

In a market driven by consumer awareness, products like organic ethanol gain favor among environmentally conscious consumers, contributing to a positive brand image.

Choose EU organic ethanol for more sustainability

EU Organic Certificate is not merely a label; it is a commitment to a greener, more sustainable future. Whether in the ethanol market or beyond, this certification reflects a shared responsibility to cultivate a healthier planet and a more conscientious marketplace. With Nedstar’s ambition to do good for people and the planet, it is only natural that we can supply organic ethanol that complies with EU organic regulations.

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