Food grade alcohol from Nedstar

Nedstar is a specialised bulk supplier of food grade alcohol, also called food grade ethanol. Sourcing raw materials of various origins globally, including grains, sugar beet and sugarcane, we can provide you with custom products that fit any of your ethanol needs.

What makes alcohol food grade?

Food grade alcohol is ethanol that is intended for human consumption and can be used in food and drink production. Any ethanol that is not denatured applies to be food grade; however, the distribution of food grade ethanol requires adherence to strict norms and regulations. Even though food grade alcohol can be made from various agricultural origins, they all have high purity and are devoid of any additives.

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One product - various food applications

As the name suggests, food grade ethanol is mostly, but not exclusively, used in food and beverage products. In the beverage industry, it serves as a base for distilled spirits like rum and vodka, while ethanol is found in food products such as flavouring agents and vinegar.

Non-food sectors might also use food grade alcohol for products that comes in contact with people’s skin, such as hand sanitisers and cosmetics.

Buy food grade alcohol in bulk from Nedstar

Nedstar is your tailored ethanol supplier for food grade alcohol: Thanks to our global network of ethanol and bulk spirit producers, we are able to guarantee the continuous delivery of high-quality products. Working together with the world’s leading transport companies, we offer customised transport and packaging options that make it possible to deliver your product to any geographic region. And with all that, we still keep the well-being of people and planet in mind.

Our food grade certifications

Nedstar’s food grade alcohol complies with ISO 22000 and REACH. Additionally, we provide organic-certified ethanol that can be distributed to Europe and the US.

Interested in alcohol with other certifications such as Cosmos Organic, GMO-free, or Kosher? Find more information about our scope in our certifications overview!

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Nedstar ISO new 2022

ISO tank

25,000 litres

Suitable for various transport modes such as ship or truck and ideal for the delivery of bulk quantities, guaranteeing safety and efficiency for your shipment.

Nedstar tanktruck new 2022


35,000 litres

Large amounts of food grade ethanol, delivered directly to your doorstep. Our tanktrucks are a reliable and cost-effective way of receiving ethanol worldwide.

Nedstar freight vessel

Barge vessel

Up to 2,450 tonnes

Nedstar can provide you with orders shipped by various vessels overseas. Our logistics department specialises in intermodal freight transport, guaranteeing a smooth delivery over multiple modes of transportation.

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