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Is ethanol considered organic or inorganic?


When is ethanol considered organic?

Ethanol that is used for food (food-grade ethanol) and non-food products is only considered organic when it is produced exclusively from organically grown crops, and without the use of pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. The product must meet strict legal and food industry standards and the origin should be 100% traceable. Furthermore, there are various independent organic certifications to guarantee the organic origin of ethanol.

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What is organic alcohol used for?

Organic ethanol is rapidly becoming an increasingly popular ingredient in a wide range of products. It is frequently used in alcoholic beverages, perfume, beauty and hygiene products. The growing demand for organically produced products is related to a growing consumer consciousness. An increasing number of people is looking for products that are responsibly sourced, because they want to do good for the environment and their own health.

Is ethanol an organic compound?

In chemistry, any type of ethanol is considered an organic compound. According to the chemical definition, all compounds that contain carbon-hydrogen or carbon-carbon bonds are organic compounds. Thus, in this definition, the origin of the product is not relevant.

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Is ethanol an organic solvent?

Chemists also see ethanol as an organic solvent. Organic solvents are substances that contain carbon and are capable of dissolving or dispersing substances. Ethanol is one of the best-known organic solvents, and is often used in the pharmaceutical (pharmaceutical grade alcohol) and cosmetic industry (cosmetic grade alcohol). Other examples of organic solvents are benzene, toluene, methanol and ether.

Organic certifications

As mentioned previously, there are various certifications to certify the organic origin of ethanol. At Nedstar, we can supply organic alcohol with European Organic and USDA NOP certifications. Besides that, our alcohol is always REACH and ECHA art 95 certified, and we can certify your product as Kosher, Cosmos approved and GMO free. For more information you can check our certifications page.

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Our organic alcohol

At Nedstar, we specialize in supplying high quality bulk alcohol. We can supply organic alcohol products such as organic grain alcohol, organic rice alcohol, organic sugarcane alcohol and more. We can deliver the alcohol to you in an IBC, ISO tank or a tank truck. We try to do what is best for the planet and its people by sourcing responsibly. Contact us for the possibilities.