Pharmaceutical alcohol

Nedstar is your trusted sourcing partner for pharmaceutical alcohol. Our alcohol adheres to the strictest norms and regulations, so you can safely process them in medicines, homeopathic products and more. We offer various options to customize your product and can ship and package it to your specifications. Discover the possibilities.

What is pharmaceutical alcohol?

Pharmaceutical alcohol or ethanol is a very pure form of alcohol that is used to produce medicinal drugs, disinfectants and homeopathic products. For this reason, pharma grade alcohol has to meet the most rigorous standards. At Nedstar, we only supply the highest quality ethanol for the pharmaceutical industry. Our products are processed according to the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and comply with all relevant standards, including the British, US, Japanese and European pharmacopeia (EP/BP/USP/JP).

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Uses of ethanol in the pharmaceutical industry

Ethanol is most commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry as a preservative and solvent. Additionally, alcohol can enhance the absorption of ointments and gels, and has sedative, cooling, antipyretic and disinfectant qualities. These pharmacological characteristics of ethanol are however strongly dependent on the concentration of the product. Next to medicines, pharmaceutical alcohol is used for the production of antiseptics and anesthetics, and for the production of cosmetics and personal hygiene products.

Different sorts of pharmaceutical ethanol for sale

Nedstar has different sorts of pharmaceutical alcohol for sale. We offer alcohol and ethanol in different purities and according to different standards. Some examples are:

  • Ethanol 95% (190 proof)
  • Ethanol 96% (192 proof)
  • Ethanol 99.9 (sterile pure ethanol)

Are you looking for other specific sorts of pharmaceutical alcohol? Just contact us!


Nedstar offers the following denaturants for pharmaceutical alcohol:

  • IPA
  • MEK
  • Bitrex
  • TSDA 1
  • Completely Denatured

Choose your own combination of denaturants to customize your pharmaceutical alcohol or contact us to discuss the options.

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All of our alcohol is REACH and ECHA art 95 certified. Additionally, all of our pharmaceutical alcohol is USP-Grade and can be certified according to all other relevant standards. More information on this subject can be found on our certifications page.


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A range of HDPE premium quality drums and cans for safe and reliable storage and transportation of different types of products.



We offer sturdily built and durable 1000L Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) which are large containers used for storage and transportation of fluids and materials in bulk quantity.


ISO tank

ISO Tanks are ideal when transporting hazardous and non-hazardous fluids in large quantities, guaranteeing safety and efficiency to your shipment.

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We can supply the product directly to your door by transport with a tanktruck, typically containing around 30.000 liters.

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