ISO 22000

Food safety management

Regardless of their size or the nature of their products, every food producer is obligated to ensure the safety of their products and the health of their consumers. This is the reason for the existence of ISO 22000.

The repercussions of unsafe food can be severe. ISO's standards for managing food safety assist organisations in the identification and control of food safety risks, while also aligning with other ISO management standards like ISO 9001. ISO 22000 is applicable to all types of producers and offers an additional level of confidence within the worldwide food supply chain, facilitating the international movement of products and providing consumers with trustworthy food.

Maintaining food safety and trust

ISO 22000 is an important tool for food businesses to ensure the safety and quality of their products, comply with regulatory requirements, and build trust with consumers. Implementing this standard can help prevent foodborne illnesses, protect brand reputation, and enhance overall food safety performance.

At Nedstar, it is our commitment to uphold the highest standards, ensuring product safety, compliance with regulations, and establishing trust with consumers.

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