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Perfumer’s alcohol, also known as perfumery alcohol, alcohol denat or cosmetic alcohol, refers to a specialized type of alcohol used as the main ingredient in perfumes, colognes, and other fragranced products. It is a specific blend of ethanol and other ingredients designed to meet the requirements of the perfumery industry. The perfume alcohol content can vary, but it is typically around 70-90%.

Perfume alcohol typically consists of ethanol (ethyl alcohol) as the primary base. The specific ethanol used in perfumer's alcohol is often denatured, meaning it has been treated to make it unsuitable for consumption by adding certain substances such as methanol, isopropyl alcohol, or various bittering agents.

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Why alcohol in perfumes?

The high alcohol content serves multiple purposes in perfumery:


Alcohol acts as a carrier or solvent for the fragrance oils and other ingredients in the perfume. It helps dissolve and blend the aromatic compounds, allowing them to be dispersed evenly and effectively.


The high alcohol content promotes the evaporation of the perfume once it is applied to the skin. This volatility helps release the fragrance molecules into the air, creating the desired scent effect.


Alcohol helps stabilize the perfume formulation by preventing microbial growth and maintaining the integrity of the fragrance over time. It also aids in preserving the perfume's shelf life.

Nedstar - your supplier for perfumer’s alcohol

Nedstar offers a variety of ethanol products that can be used as perfumery alcohol in fragrances. Depending on your needs and region, we can supply you with a custom mix of denatured ethyl alcohol. We are committed to delivering only the highest quality products; rigorous testing and quality control measures ensure that you receive nothing but the best. Your satisfaction is our priority.

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Our alcohol is always REACH and ECHA Art. 95 certified. In addition, the product can be certified as Kosher, Cosmos-approved and GMO-free. More information can be found on our certifications page.

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