Alcohol for paint solvents

Ethanol, or more specifically denatured alcohol, is used as a solvent in many paint applications. It serves as a paint thinner to reduce viscosity and improve flow and is an effective paint remover and paint stripper, helping to break down and eliminate unwanted paint layers. Its versatility as a paint solvent makes it a preferred choice in various industries.

Why ethanol in paint solvents?

Compared to other solvents such as white spirit alcohol and isopropyl alcohol (IPA), ethanol offers distinct advantages such as better availability and, sometimes, less expensive pricing. It is often utilized as a thinner for cleaning brushes and other painting tools and effectively dissolves different paint types, including oil-based, latex, and acrylic paints. The inclusion of ethanol solvent ensures optimal performance across different painting projects.

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Various uses in various sectors

Ethanol's use in paint is widely recognized in various industries. In the automotive sector, ethanol-based paint solvents are employed to formulate automotive coatings, including primers, basecoats, and clearcoats. The aerospace industry benefits from ethanol-based solvents during aircraft repainting or refurbishment, effectively dissolving old paint layers. In the art and creative industry, ethanol-based solvents are widely used for cleaning brushes and as a medium for blending different paint types and materials.


Ethanol for your paint solvent products from Nedstar

Nedstar, your trusted ethanol supplier, delivers denatured alcohol for paint solvents, such as anhydrous alcohol and rectified spirit, directly to your doorstep. Choose the denaturant mix most applicable to your region and desired certifications and we will make sure to deliver the highest-quality product with the best customer service. Your satisfaction is our priority.


Alcohol for paint solvents is often denatured. Denatured ethanol is ethyl alcohol made unfit for human consumption without chemically altering or decomposing it. Because it cannot be consumed, it tends to be subject to far lower tax rates. To create denatured alcohol for paint solvent products that fit your needs, we can customise it with your preferred combination of denaturants.

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Our alcohol is always REACH and ECHA Art. 95 certified. In addition, the product can be certified as Kosher, Cosmos-approved and GMO-free. More information can be found on our certifications page.

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We offer sturdily-built and durable 1000L Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs), which are large containers used for the storage and transportation of fluids and materials in bulk quantity.

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ISO tank

ISO tanks are ideal when transporting hazardous and non-hazardous fluids in large quantities, guaranteeing safety and efficiency for your shipment.

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We can supply the product directly to your door by transport with a tank truck, typically containing around 30,000 liters.

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