Alcohol for hand sanitisers

Nedstar supplies high-quality alcohol for hand sanitisers, and can even customise your own disinfectant or hand sanitiser. Let us know what you're looking for and our specialised team will sort it out!

What is sanitiser alcohol?

Sanitiser alcohol is a pure form of alcohol used to kill viruses, bacteria and micro-organisms on hands. The alcohol can be mixed with water and other ingredients as you prefer, but alcohol-based hand sanitisers should contain at least 60% alcohol to be effective (according to the American Center for Disease Control). Since the outbreak of COVID, the demand for hand sanitiser has exploded.

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Different sorts of alcohol for hand sanitiser

Hand sanitisers and disinfectants can be made from different sorts of alcohol. We supply, for instance, sugar beet ethanol, sugarcane ethanol and corn ethanol for hand sanitisers. Lately, we have also noticed a growing demand for organic alcohol for hand sanitisers. The percentage of alcohol per volume in hand sanitiser can vary. Nedstar supplies alcohol with purities ranging from 70% to 96% and even 99%. The alcohol you order can be shipped and packaged to your specifications. We ship our sanitiser alcohol in drums, ISO tanks, IBC tanks and tank trucks.

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Alcohol for hand sanitiser is often denatured. Denatured alcohol or denatured ethanol is ethyl alcohol made unfit for human consumption without chemically altering or decomposing it. Because it cannot be consumed, it tends to be subject to far lower tax rates. To create a denatured alcohol for hand sanitisers that fits your needs, we can customise it with your preferred combination of denaturants.

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Our alcohol is always REACH and ECHA Art. 95 certified. In addition, the product can be certified as Kosher, Cosmos-approved and GMO-free. More information can be found on our certifications page.

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We offer sturdily-built and durable 1000L Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs), which are large containers used for the storage and transportation of fluids and materials in bulk quantity.

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ISO tank

ISO Tanks are ideal when transporting hazardous and non-hazardous fluids in large quantities, guaranteeing safety and efficiency for your shipment.

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We can supply the product directly to your door by transport with a tank truck, typically containing around 30,000 liters.

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