Liquid caustic soda

Nedstar can supply the liquid caustic soda you need for your business. We offer liquid caustic soda in a variety of concentrations, and can ship and pack it according to your specifications. Discover the possibilities!

What is liquid caustic soda?

Liquid caustic soda is a fluid form of caustic soda. This chemical composition is also known under the scientific name sodium hydroxide and is also commonly referred to as lye. Caustic soda in liquid form is used for many different applications; from cleaning to the production of industrial and everyday products. Besides liquid caustic soda, we supply caustic soda pearls and micropearls, as well as caustic soda flakes. These types of caustic soda are essentially very similar, with possible differences regarding purity, solubility and ease of usage

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Caustic soda liquid uses

Caustic soda liquid has a large variety of uses. Lye is widely used as a cleaning agent in industrial environments. Besides that, liquid caustic soda is used to produce soap, detergents, vegetable oil, aluminum, resins, paper, and many other everyday products. Even though the soda is highly caustic, it can be safely processed in all kinds of products. The caustic soda in liquid soap, for example, becomes harmless due to the process called saponification, which occurs when caustic soda is mixed with oils or fats.

Your solution-oriented liquid caustic soda supplier

With our solution-oriented approach, Nedstar sets itself apart from other liquid caustic soda suppliers. We offer a lot of options concerning the product, packaging and shipping. We supply liquid caustic soda that contains 50%, 48% or variable percentages of sodium hydroxide. Do you have any special demands? Contact us, and we will make every effort to find a solution that suits your needs.

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