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Working at Nedstar

Nedstar is more than just a specialised sourcing partner of ethanol: In everything we do, the well-being of people and planet plays a pivotal role – that also includes our employees!

As part of our dynamic, intercultural team of over 25 commercial, logistic, and financial experts, you will be at the forefront of the ethanol trading industry, contributing to Nedstar’s success in over 50 markets worldwide. We foster an environment where your personal growth aligns with our company's development and encourage our employees to go the extra mile not only for our customers, but also for themselves.

Our benefits

Office in Amsterdam
Laptop for work
Competitive salary
Flexible working at home
26 vacation days
32-40 hour work week
Fun and young team
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Job description

Are you a motivated and ambitious individual looking to kickstart your career in the global sourcing industry? Nedstar is always seeking for dedicated and passionate individuals to join our team as interns and potential future employees.  

As a global sourcing partner specialised in bulk alcohol and ethanol, Nedstar offers a unique and dynamic work environment that provides valuable hands-on experience in the industry. Whether you are a student looking for an internship or a professional seeking a new opportunity, we welcome applicants from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences.  

About the role and key responsibilities

For those interested in pursuing a long-term career at Nedstar, we offer a supportive and collaborative work culture that fosters growth and development. There are various job opportunities available in the fields of finance, marketing, sales, logistics, and HR. As a global company, we value diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive work environment where all employees can thrive and succeed. As part of our dynamic, intercultural team of over 25 employees, you will be at the forefront of the ethanol trading industry, contributing to Nedstar’s success in over 50 markets worldwide.  


As an intern at Nedstar, you'll have the opportunity to work closely with our experienced professionals, gaining valuable insights and practical skills that could perfectly complement your academic studies, while also getting exposure to all aspects of our business from marketing and logistics to finance and sales. Engaging in meaningful projects and benefiting from mentorship, you'll develop important skills and knowledge that will set you up for future career opportunities. Whether you're studying business, logistics, marketing, or a related field, this internship provides the platform to apply your knowledge in a real-world setting and make meaningful contributions to our team. 

Your profile

At Nedstar, you'll become an integral part of a dynamic team, whether it be in Finance, Marketing, Sales, Logistics, or HR. Your role will involve close collaboration with departmental teams, contributing to the creation and management of high-quality deliverables specific to your department's focus. This position requires a blend of creativity, strategic thinking, and practical skills. You'll be expected to:

  • Generate and implement innovative strategies and solutions tailored to the unique objectives and challenges of your department. We're looking for visionaries who want to determine the roadmap from Nedstar. 
  • Collaborate with internal teams and, when necessary, coordinate with external partners like designers, developers, content writers, and specialists to bring your projects to life.
  • Depending on your department, create detailed plans, delegate tasks, and manage projects to ensure effective execution and achievement of goals.
  • Stay informed about industry trends and best practices, applying this knowledge to refine and optimize your department's operations.
  • Engage in cross-functional collaboration to ensure alignment with the company's overarching goals and brand messaging.
  • Monitor and analyse performance metrics within your department, adapting strategies as needed to drive success and growth.
In this role, adaptability, initiative, and a collaborative spirit are key. You'll have the opportunity to make a significant impact in your department, contributing to Nedstar's continued success and growth.

What we are looking for

What are we looking for:

  • A higher educational qualification (HBO, Bachelor's or Master's degree) in a relevant field. Specific fields may vary based on the department but generally include areas like Business, Marketing, Communications, Logistics, Finance, HR, or related disciplines. 
  • Fluency in English is essential, and living in or near the Amsterdam area is preferred. Proficiency in a second language such as French, Portuguese, Spanish, German, or Dutch is highly valued. 
  • Constantly seeking ways to improve things and outspoken with your positive suggestions. 
  • Enjoy providing excellent service to clients and suppliers and building lasting stakeholder relationships. 
  • Proactive, collaborative, self-critical and always seeking to improve. Possessing a growth mindset, which is one of our 5 core values.  
  • Relevant experience in your field. We value individuals who bring not just experience but a willingness to apply their knowledge creatively and innovatively. 
  • You're an autonomous contributor who excels both in individual tasks and collaborative projects. You know how to manage your responsibilities effectively and can also guide others, ensuring quality and consistency in team outputs. 
  • Proficiency with necessary tools and platforms relevant to your role. Strong project management skills are essential. You should be comfortable working within structured frameworks like agile and sprints, demonstrating the ability to prioritise tasks and manage workflows efficiently. 
  • A proactive and collaborative approach, with a mindset geared towards continual improvement. You're not just a part of the team; you actively seek ways to contribute positively, offering constructive suggestions and being receptive to feedback. 
  • A commitment to providing excellent service and fostering strong relationships with clients, suppliers, and internal stakeholders. Your ability to build rapport and maintain professional partnerships is crucial. 
  • Embodying the NedSTAR spirit: adaptable, flexible, and with a balanced approach to work and play. You're a team player dedicated to collective success and personal growth, aligning with our core values and contributing positively to our company culture.

What is in it for you?

At Nedstar, we believe our people are the essence of our success, and our team—enthusiastic, passionate, and smart-working—consistently goes above and beyond to surpass expectations. We take incredible pride in caring for our employees in every way possible, providing comprehensive support to help them be their best selves. As they grow and develop, so does our company, creating a symbiotic journey of progress and development for both Nedstar and its dedicated team members.
 Some other benefits:   

  • You will have lots of autonomy and the sky is the limit: if you have a good idea, there is a high chance you can execute it. We also have the resources to do so.   
  • Nedstar is a growing multilingual, multi-national, global player: you will deal with lots of different markets: Europe, Africa, Asia, North/South America.   
  • Our products are actually quite interesting: we source it globally from multiple origins like grains, sugar cane or fruits, we care about CSR and sustainability, and organically produced alcohol is a fast-growing market. 
  • Competitive salary package because we genuinely care about the person behind the role.  
  • Open, friendly, fun-loving company culture with experienced, enthusiastic colleagues happy to guide and support you.  
  • Regular fun social activities, including boat trips (we have a boat), drinks on Friday, sports, experiences, and amazing annual company trips (last year in Italy).  
  • Delicious and healthy free office lunches. A beautiful, centuries-old canal house offices on the Herengracht in the heart of Amsterdam.  
  • Flexibility in your work hours. So, if you like going for a run during office hours, we encourage you to do so. Because we believe your well-being is paramount if you’re to thrive and be at your best at work.   


If you are a motivated and curious individual with a passion for the global sourcing industry, we encourage you to apply for an internship or future career opportunity at Nedstar. We are looking for candidates who are eager to learn, adaptable, and possess strong communication and problem-solving skills.  

Apply now via our form and become the next NedSTAR!