Marketing Manager

Permanent employee - Full-time - Amsterdam

Marketing - experienced: 2-5 years


Working at Nedstar

Nedstar is more than just a specialised sourcing partner of ethanol: In everything we do, the well-being of people and planet plays a pivotal role – that also includes our employees!

As part of our dynamic, intercultural team of over 25 commercial, logistic, and financial experts, you will be at the forefront of the ethanol trading industry, contributing to Nedstar’s success in over 50 markets worldwide. We foster an environment where your personal growth aligns with our company's development and encourage our employees to go the extra mile not only for our customers, but also for themselves.

Our benefits

Office in Amsterdam
Laptop for work
Competitive salary
Flexible working at home
26 vacation days
32-40 hour work week
Fun and young team

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Job description

At Nedstar, a leading global supplier in the commodities market, we're on the lookout for a proficient Marketing Manager. This role demands an ability to seamlessly weave strategy into every marketing initiative, ensuring our narratives resonate compellingly across global markets. Are you enthusiastic about leading dynamic marketing campaigns, leveraging impactful content and varied creative formats tailored for international audiences? We seek a marketing professional with 3 to 5 years of experience as a marketing manager, someone adept at amplifying brands, creating demand, capturing it, and creating measurable outcomes.

Over the past 1.5 years, we've significantly expanded our marketing presence, with a specific emphasis on content-driven initiatives. This journey has seen the launch of a dynamic website, compelling blogs, insightful videos, and vibrant social media activity. Alongside our content efforts, we have actively engaged in performance marketing and advertising, primarily through Google and LinkedIn Ads, to bolster our market standing. Despite these advancements, there remains a substantial room for further innovation and enhancement. We see this role as essential in harnessing and realising that potential. While the overarching objectives are clear, you will have the unique opportunity to carve out your own role within these parameters.

About the role and key responsibilities

As our first in-house Marketing Manager, you will oversee a diverse team of passionate young professionals within Nedstar, talented freelancers, and external specialists from partnered agencies, all of whom have been carefully selected for their alignment with Nedstar's core values. Alongside this team, you'll work closely with our dedicated commercial managers, each focused on specific niches in global markets, such as food & beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and the industrial sector. You will jointly steer the course of our commercial success reflected in the number of deals we close and the subsequent growth we achieve.

In the past few years, Nedstar has ignited its marketing initiatives, achieving notable successes that emphasise the significance of this domain. Though we have clear short-term marketing plans, the role of the Marketing Manager goes beyond the playbook. You'll start a special journey to improve our marketing strategies, aiming for long-term success. This role offers a chance to delve deeply into our products and industries, and if you're keen to shape a role, grow with it and willing to learn quickly, this position is tailored for you. As our full-time in-house Marketing Manager, you'll have an array of key responsibilities to steer Nedstar's marketing efforts towards further achievements:

  • Marketing management: lead a diverse team of in-house professionals, freelancers, and external agency specialists, ensuring alignment with Nedstar's core values and objectives.
  • Strategic planning and sprints: craft and refine a comprehensive marketing strategy aligned with Nedstar's vision and growth targets. Execute this strategy through weekly sprints to ensure timely achievement of objectives.
  • Branding: refine and maintain Nedstar's brand image, ensuring consistent representation across all platforms.
  • Content strategy and creation: work closely with our content marketer to enhance our content plan, highlighting Nedstar's unique value. Guide the crafting of brand-consistent narratives and the development of compelling visuals and videos. We believe in a dual approach. Not only should you be adept at managing processes, but you should also be capable of handling production tasks firsthand.
  • (Paid) social media: collaborate with our content marketer to shape and drive our social media strategy, maintaining active and engaging profiles across all pertinent platforms.
  • Conversion rate optimisation: together with our external agency, analyse, test, and optimise user journeys and touchpoints to maximise conversions.
  • Lead nurturing & email marketing: develop strategies to cultivate and engage leads, leveraging email campaigns to drive engagement and conversions.
  • Search Engine Advertising (SEA) & Optimisation (SEO): Oversee paid and organic search strategies to maximise visibility and engagement.
  • Website development: lead the evolution and optimisation of our website in collaboration with our development agency, ensuring it effectively communicates our value and offers a seamless user experience.
  • Data analytics: utilise marketing technology to derive insights, measure effectiveness, and refine strategies.
  • Public relations: knowledgeable about the added value of PR. Can foster positive relationships with the media and other stakeholders, positioning Nedstar favourably in the public eye.
  • Recruitment marketing: support our recruiter to attract top talent, highlighting Nedstar as a premier employer.

Your profile

You'll play a pivotal role in nurturing our young marketing and communication team, helping them carve out their unique strengths. Beyond just leadership, we envision the Marketing Manager as a co-working foreman, being hands-on and working alongside the team, not just directing from a distance. With expertise in project-based management, you'll support the team in efficient sprint-running and task management, ensuring everyone stays on track. Your collaborative spirit will be key in bringing different perspectives together, but we also value someone who can decisively make a call when it’s crunch time.

Your educational background, ideally from an WO institution in marketing, media, or communication, serves as a solid foundation. You have a clear vision in your field that inspires and excites your colleagues. You're familiar with both traditional and digital marketing channels and stay updated with the latest societal trends. With some team leadership experience, you're adept at guiding diverse groups. While prior knowledge in trading or commodities is a plus, we're especially keen on your genuine enthusiasm for our markets.

You are commercially minded and can stand your ground in a complex organisation. Communication skills in English are a must in our company. If you can add French, German, Spanish, or Portuguese to the mix, it’s fantastic. Dutch? That’s a welcome bonus.

  • Play an instrumental role in shaping Nedstar's marketing blueprint in a comparatively traditional market.
  • You will have lots of autonomy and the sky is the limit: if you have a good idea, there is a high chance you can execute it. We also have the resources to do so.
  • Nedstar is a multilingual, multi-national, global player: you will deal with lots of different markets: Europe, Africa, Asia, North/South America.
  • We have a website, some blogs and social media channels, however we just started. There are many marketing channels and formats to discover!
  • Our products are actually quite interesting: we source it globally from multiple origins like grains, sugar cane or fruits, we care about CSR and sustainability, and organically produced alcohol is a fast-growing market. There is a lot to tell!
  • We're committed to nurturing your talents, providing ample room for growth and continuous learning. This includes paid language classes, training courses, and a personalised coaching program.
  • Competitive salary package with a bonus based on both your performance and the company's performance.
  • Open, friendly, fun-loving company culture with experienced, enthusiastic colleagues happy to support you.
  • Regular fun social activities, including boat trips (we bought a boat last year for after work downtime) and amazing annual company trips (last year in Italy).
  • Delicious and healthy free office lunches. A beautiful, centuries-old canal house offices on the Herengracht in the heart of Amsterdam.
  • Flexibility in your work hours. So, if you like going for a run during office hours, we encourage you to do so. Because we believe your well-being is paramount if you’re to thrive and be at your best at work.

What we are looking for

  • Bachelor or – preferably - a master's degree in marketing, media, communications, or related disciplines.
  • Proficiency in English; knowledge of French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, or Dutch will be a plus.
  • 3 - 5+ years of proven experience in B2B marketing management, preferably in commodities or trading.
  • Being part of a close-knit team of 25, the ability to not only manage but also work hands-on, almost like a collaborative foreman, is crucial at Nedstar.
  • A self-starter with a keen understanding of the topics that most influence our marketing outcomes. Proactive, collaborative, self-critical and always seeking to improve. Possessing a growth mindset, which is one of our 5 core values.
  • Comprehensive understanding of SEO (Google Search Console), SEA (Google Ads and Bing Ads), content management systems (Craft), CRM (HubSpot) and analytics tools (Google Analytics 4).
  • Acumen for project management; familiarity with agile methodologies will be advantageous.
  • Empathetic management, effective communication, and team collaboration skills, along with a solid ability for creative problem-solving and adaptability in dynamic environments.
  • Excellent skills in managing relationships with stakeholders.
  • A quintessential NedSTAR - resilient, adaptable, and a spirited go-getter.

What is in it for you?

Nedstar operates as a scale-up in a rather conservative commodities market and digital marketing is relatively new in this market: you will be able to create a significant impact. While we have recently taken steps to enhance our marketing, there is still much for you to shape and define, like the marketing plan, content strategy and hiring more team members.

We believe people make Nedstar and we have a very enthusiastic and passionate team who work smartly to exceed expectations and we take incredible proud in taking care of our employees in all possible ways we can and give all the support to be their best selves, grow and develop as the company also grows and develops.


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